Sunday, 31 December 2000
  • The passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation.
  • Vehicles or pedestrians in transit, as in "heavy traffic on the road"
  • The commercial exchange of goods; trade.
  • Illegal or improper commercial activity, as in "drug traffic"
  • The business of moving passengers and cargo through a transportation system.
  • The amount of cargo or number of passengers conveyed.
  • The conveyance of messages or data through a system of communication, as in the "routers that manage the internet traffic"
  • Messages or data conveyed through such a system, as in "couldn't download the file due to heavy Internet traffic"
  • Social or verbal exchange; communication, as in "refused further traffic with the estranged friend."
  • The aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time
Whatever the word implies, there will always be the traffic light in mind. You know, that 3-light post we usually see on crossroads? Yes, that visual signal that guides us to control the flow of our lives as drivers and/or pedestrians. Yup! They're there for a reason. Although this ain't just about when we're being stopped or when we're being pushed to move, there's one message that I'd like to convey to the world: Do not make a full-stop when you're still on the road. And while you're here, on my avenue, might as well look-around, enjoy every stop you see. But then again, I say:

Do not ignore the traffic light. Stop when you see the red light-- cry, laugh, do whatever you want. If you have to wallow in your pain for a while or roll on the floor and laugh out loud, then do it, but be heedful of the yellow light. Shift your gear, Be Ready to step on the gas pedal, and when you see that the green light's on, do not wait for the car behind to honk at you. GO! Move on to your next destination.

A welcome drink awaits you... I call this my (rented) ride. The engine of this ride won't start if not with the help of some friends. THANKS-A-BUNCH!

Somewhere in my new ride's compartment, you will find some old entries (some as old as my gradeschool grammar teacher). Yup! Can't leave the old school behind. *wink*

I have included a Map here so you won't lose your way. Plus, there will be new stop-overs that you may want to check-out soon. Oh well...

By the way, my name is Mae (adinille to some) and this is MY TRAFFIC LIFE. Go!