In Black 'n White


In 2001, when Geocities was still THE Geocities for some bloggers, I had created my own outlet, which I called, In Black 'n White. Below are some of my entries, which are, "safe", for my readers (as most of my entries back then were too harsh or sometimes too-personal). I was writing for the sake of writing and 2001 marked the year when I discovered that I could be and I could have more in my chosen career.
The journey is still on...

... who says I went through the wrong way
and at the end I decided to turn my back?
Nope! I never went through the wrong way
and I never decided to go down that level.
the truth is, it was the right one...
for on my way I saw two roads ahead
and that I chose this one....

And yes, to you, God I say.. "Thank YOU for showing me the way"
Some people may not understand why I chose this road instead of the other one
But who are they to judge what HAPPINESS means to me...

The night shall come... but now I know,
YOU'LL send the moon and the stars for me...


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Sunday, 02 March 2003 When Enough is Enough
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