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May I borrow your teeth?
Sunday, 09 March 2014

Who among you here works at Starbucks?

I was inspired by some baristas who served me well before. They looked happy. They looked like they are loving their job.

Lately, the three branches that I frequent have changed their staff. From the good ones to those who, I think, need to be winded just so they can be polite to you.

"Can I borrow your pair of scissors? I can't seem to open your packets of honey. They don't have the slice."

The guy asked the lady (maybe she was superior) and came back to me.

"She said no," he said. And left to attend to the next customer. Note: I am still in front of him but suddenly I think I became invisible to him.

"I am sorry, what did you say?" the lady was saying something so I asked her.

Do they want me to just stand there and stare at the packets of honey, which I tried tearing with my nails and when I failed, I tried my teeth, which obviously didn't help either?

I was about to ask if I could borrow their long nails or their sharp teeth maybe when the lady finally went to me and I explained to her how hard it was for me to open their packets of honey.

"Oh, he did not tell me about the honey."

Duh. What do I need your scissors for? To cut some clippings from your newspapers? Cut your throat? (Of course I am aware that's one of their fears).

She got the packets of honey from my hand opened them for me. That didn't even take her five seconds to do that.

Phew! This is what I get from getting sick and from needing mint tea with honey early in the morning. I hate it.

One time, during the same week, I went to another Starbucks and I was faced with the same scenario-- I couldn't open the packets of honey!

"We shouldn't be doing this," the barista said while giving the packets of honey some slice.

"So, what do you want me to do? Your packets of honey have no slice."

You know, no matter how good the products that you are selling, people will stop buying from you if you don't take care of your customers.

Maybe it's not Starbucks' loss when a customer decides to stop buying from them. Well, it's not my loss either. There are a lot of other good (even better) coffee and tea shops out there that I could support.

Wait. Did I miss something?

Is it Bring-Your-Own-Scissors-So-You-Can-Open-The-Honey at Starbucks?

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