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All I want for Christmas is... (Part I)
Monday, 20 December 2010

Okay. I didn't have much on my list. Just a few things. As I have said in one of my posts, the stuffs (wool coat, cashmeres, leather bag, and boots) that I want were just 'dreams' for me because I don't think I need them. I don't even have a real wish list for Christmas. I could have put some dereon products there or the Burt's Bees Mama Bee's oil that I have been raving about or a supply of Head & Shoulder conditioner and the shaving cream, and my Likas Papaya soap (not because I want a lighter tone but because I feel I am much cleaner and fresher using it) and some things that you know I really need on a day-to-day basis. But well, the thing is, before I even write something about my big wishes here, they have already been granted. Like spending Christmas in other state. Mid of this year, when I learned that my younger brother will be in the US for Christmas (he's finally staying here for good), I started saving a portion of my meager pay on my "Christmas" bottle; also I have learned that I have a week vacation; that gave me a go. But then, I started establishing my payslips as an I.T. person. That became a burden, which, I am praying, would work in a smooth way. Anyways, I had to open most of my money bottles for that. The only bottles left now (yet I do not remember the last time I put a bill in them) were the Health and the U.S. bottles. The latter is for whatever fees I have to pay come September 2011.
Going back to what I want for Christmas...
My Auntie Mercy learned about the cancellation of my travel plans for December; the same time that she's wishing to see me and the rest of my siblings on Christmas. She offered to buy my tickets, which, of course, I grabbed. My youngest brother and his family were offered a free ride, too. She said they could rent a van from Las Vegas to SF and back. We were all excited until my brother's MIL did not approve of the long drive on holiday season (it's an 8-hour drive). Sad but we respect that. I know I will have my chance to see the family again, soon. I just have to keep on trying hard to save up.
Oh crap, I am being carried away here, let me get back to this topic later. I have to feed some cats. 
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